The Rookie Division is for boys and girls ages 6,7 & 8. The Rookie Division will be broken up into 3 levels: Provincial, National and Canadian. The Provincial level is for beginners and those new to baseball, the Canadian division is for the most advanced players, while the National division is for those transitioning from Provincial to Canadian. Players in the Provincial division will hit off of a tee, while those in the National and Canadian divisions will be pitched to overhand by a coach or parent volunteer. Players must attend one of the evaluations held in March and April. These sessions will be used to ensure players will be placed in a level with children of the same skill level. Teams will be balanced amongst each of the three levels based on the results of the evaluation sessions.

Spring Season

The Spring Season runs in May and June. There are 2 games per week (games are not on a specific weeknight, but will vary from week to week. Games are usually not held on Fridays or Saturdays) played at one of the Rookie diamonds within East Nepean Little League boundary. The games start at 6:00 pm but the players are expected to be early to properly warm up. For the first half of the Spring season, the first 30 minutes of the scheduled game time (6:00 - 6:30) are devoted to practice. Players are required to have their own gloves and must wear a protective cup. Cleats are recommended. The league will provide each player a uniform (consisting of a jersey, pants and belt that mustbe returned at the end of the season), a hat and socks (both to be kept by the player) as well as bats and batting helmets as part of team equipment. Practices will also be held at the discretion of coaches. The league also offers a variety of clinics throughout the spring season - further details of these clinics will be provided at a later date.

Coach Pitch (Canadian and National levels)

A coach or another designated adult will pitch overhand to the batter. Players are allowed 5 pitches or 3 swinging strikes, whichever comes first. The fielding team will have ten players in the field. This includes all standard baseball positions (including a kid pitcher that will stand beside/behind the adult pitcher from the opposing team, a catcher in full catcher's gear and a 4th outfielder). Most standard baseball rules apply, although there are specific baserunning rules for the Rookie level.

TBall (Provincial level)

Batters at TBall level will be hitting the ball off a tee placed at home plate. After hitting the ball, play will continue the same as in the Coach Pitch level. After the first 4 weeks of TBall, a decision will be made about introducing Coach Pitch for some of the innings.


Evaluations of players will be held in March and April. The Rookie convenor will contact you with the date, time and locations of your evaluation. After the evaluations, your child will be placed on a team and you will be contacted by your head coach.

Summer Season

A Summer Season is run in July and August. Players must have played in the Spring Season to play in the summer. Details will be provided by your spring coach.

All Rookie Summer teams play coach pitch rules. Based on an additional evaluation between the Spring and Summer seasons, teams will be set in order to play in Canadian and National Interlock leagues against other Ottawa based little leagues (this has typically been teams from Kanata, Orleans and Ottawa West, but can vary from year to year). For beginners and those unwilling or unable to travel to other areas, there will also be a summer house league with only teams from East Nepean. All teams, including those in Interlock and the East Nepean house league will play 2 games per week and will practice at the coach's discretion. Teams in the Interlock Division can be expected to play in additional tournaments in the Ottawa area throughout the summer.

Further Details about summer baseball will be available from the spring coaches in June.

More Information, East Nepean Summer Season

Summer baseball is the second half of the East Nepean Baseball Season and runs in July and August. It is an opportunity for players to continue to play and develop, but may also offer a chance to experience inter-league play across the city.

East Nepean runs a summer program for Rookie, Minor, Major, Junior and Senior levels.

· Rookie: Canadian and National levels will be offered

· Minor & Major: East Nepean will offer three levels of play; All-Star, Canadian and National

· Junior: Canadian and National levels will be offered

· Senior: Canadian and National levels will be offered

Summer All-Star: Team selection processes were announced by the All-Star coaches in May and are currently underway. Teams at this level will compete in the All-Star division of the D2/D6 summer interlock league and enter the Little League International Tournament. Additional weekend tournaments may be added along with an intense practice schedule.

Canadian Level: We will be entering 1-2 teams (registration dependent) in a redefined D2/D6 competitive Canadian Division. Teams will be selected through a skills evaluation process similar to Spring Sort-Outs, along with input from spring coaches. Teams will play a full D2/D6 interlock schedule against other competitive teams in the region. It is expected that these teams will enter several weekend tournaments and run a full practice schedule.

National Level: The National level will continue. Its key focus is player development and fostering a love of the game in an inclusive environment. Every attempt will be made to accommodate ALL registered players. Sort-outs will be used to ensure balanced teams are created. Equal play and development in a safe fun environment is the focus.

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