The Senior Division is for boys and girls ages 15 & 16.


Evaluations of players will be held in March and April.

Spring Season

The Spring House League Season runs in May and June in an interlocking schedule in Ottawa. There are 2 games per week. Home games are played at either Fallowfield Park (Carl Faulkner) or the Nepean Sportsplex. Away games are played at other fields in Ottawa. The games typically start at 6:00 pm or 8:30 pm but the players are expected to be early to properly warm up. Players are required to have their own gloves and must wear a protective cup. Cleats are recommended. Metal cleats are permitted. The league will provide each player a complete set of uniform (jersey, pant, belt, sock and hat). The jersey, pant and belt are to be returned at the end of the season. The league also provides bats and batting helmets as part of team equipment.

Summer Season

A Summer Season will be run in July and August. Players must have played in the Spring Season to play in the summer. A summer All-Star team will be selected from those interested and those who have met the minimum spring game participation criteria. This team will participate in the city Summer baseball league with other All Star Teams in the Ottawa Area. The summer league has 2 games per week , one home and one away with games against teams from Ottawa.

As well the team will be the East Nepean representatives at the District 2 playdowns. The playdowns are part of the Worldwide Little League Tournament which lead to the Provincial Championships, the Canadian Championships and, finally, the Senior World Series. If there is sufficient interest, a second team will be formed to participate in the summer league. Details on tryouts will be provided by your spring coach.

More Information, East Nepean Summer Season

Summer baseball is the second half of the East Nepean Baseball Season and runs in July and August. It is an opportunity for players to continue to play and develop, but may also offer a chance to experience interleague play across the city.

East Nepean and most of the other leagues in the city has re-organizing the levels of play. The principle goal of these changes is to better align with the spring season, but is also in response to the dramatic increase in registration across the region. As always, the overall guiding principle of these modifications is to keep children playing baseball - in a safe environment where they can continue to develop.

Minor, Major and Junior, East Nepean will offer three levels of play; All-Star, Canadian and National. At Rookie, Canadian and National levels will be offered. At Senior, the levels offered will depend strongly on the level of summer registrations.

Summer All-Star: This renamed level remains unchanged from the goals of years past. Team selection processes will be announced by the All-Star coaches. Teams at this level will compete in the All-Star division of the D2/D6 summer interlock league and enter the Little League International Tournament. Additional weekend tournaments may be added along with an intense practice schedule.

Canadian Level: We will be entering 1-2 teams (registration dependent) in a redefined D2/D6 competitive Canadian Division. Teams will be selected through a skills evaluation process similar to Spring Sort-Outs, along with input from spring coaches. Teams will play a full D2/D6 interlock schedule against other competitive teams in the region. It is expected that these teams will enter several weekend tournaments and run a full practice schedule. Equal play, position diversity and player development will remain the key focus for our coaches at this level, even if the competitive level is enhanced.

National Level: The National level will continue. Its key focus is player development and fostering a love of the game in an inclusive environment. Every attempt will be made to accommodate ALL registered players. Sort-outs will be used to ensure balanced teams are created. Equal play in a safe fun environment is the focus. Dependent on registration, the goal at this level is to have teams play internally to East Nepean supplemented with some interleague games.

For more information please contact:

Senior Director