The youngest division within East Nepean Little League is reserved for superstars ages 3, 4 & 5 who are picking up a baseball for the first time. Our TBall program is designed to introduce baseball fundamentals and is a lead into the Rookie (6-8) level. The emphasis is on fun, to introduce the fundamentals of hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding. Players use a foam ball, bat and hit from a stationary tee.

TBall will be played twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday for all teams. Games are played in the outfield of a larger baseball field where there will be multiple games going on. Game nights begin with a 10 minute practice to focus on skill development followed by at least 3 innings of play. In each inning all players on both teams will bat and no outs or runs are recorded.

The batting team will hit off a stationary tee and learn to run all the bases while the defending team will learn to field ground balls and then progress to attempting a throw to first base. All players on the defending team will get a chance to field the ball throughout the game.

Sheer fun and excitement on the player's faces show the impact this game can have on our youngsters, as they learn the fundamentals of a much larger game. Hitting, throwing, catching, running, team play and sportsmanship are the building blocks of Little League and they are all included here.

TBall Director
T-Ball Schedule

All games are played at : Carl Faulkner Park - Lytle Park (See Field Locations)

2019 Spring Schedule - Coming Soon